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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
continuous meaning in tamil is தொடர்ச்சியான, இடைவிடாத

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It was designed as a continuous dialogue between parliamentarians and civil society agencies to interact on and with best practices at the field level through exposure visits says Nandini Azad MemberSecretary of ICPRD the brain behind the initiative. Now due to continuous rain and flood the remaining agricultural labourers had migrated to other States. Now due to continuous rain and flood the remaining agricultural labourers had migrated to other States. In Benares there were about 40000 Bengalis and therefore the mutual relations and contacts between the Hindispeaking and the Bengalispeaking people had been continuous and cordial. Promotions On the promotions of nonteaching staff he has said that the university has promoted nonteaching staff several times and maintained that promotions is a continuous process. The years celebration began with Bhishma Ekadasi utsav on February 19 2005 followed by continuous Vishnusahasranama Parayana a yagnam Sri Krishnashtami Dasara utsav and other spiritual functions according to samithi president Yenduri Krishnamurthi. Even after continuous pumping these ponds would not dry up as the underground channels below the hillocks ensure that water keeps getting recharged. Annoyed with the continuous slogan shouting by the crowd the judge summoned the Two Town Inspector and chided him for his failure to maintain calm on the court premises by controlling the crowd. To maintain order at sea it is imperative that we have a clear and continuous picture of what is happening in the waters around us.

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