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The Chamber said the introduction of VAT had increased revenue collection considerably widened tax base and minimised the scope of corruption. For the earlier results were based on the pugmark count method that gave ample scope to improvise the actual count and invariably resulted in a deliberate inflation of the number of tigers. The mapping of essential actions as envisaged in the guidelines does not rule out scope for flexibility and further adaptation by the States and districts. SolicitorGeneral Goolam Vahanvati appearing for the government argued that the NHRC had already ruled that the scope of the enquiry was limited. Although there was enough scope for the company to take up mining in other regions in the State it insisted on continuing operations in Kudremukh he alleged. There are three engineering colleges one each at Adilabad Nirmal and Mancherial and 18 Degree colleges which provide scope for students for higher education. Sensing the great demand for these because of their attractive features such as insurance cover scope for tax relief and gains from a booming equity market life insurance companies and mutual fund houses have come out with different products to suit investor needs. The scope for increasing in a big way intra regional trade will be recognised if it is borne in mind that its value now is only 7 billion out of SAFTAs total trade of 350 billion. For almost 16 months since its inauguration the Bench was functioning with a meagre strength of five judges leaving no scope for final hearing and maximum time was spent on admitting new cases.